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About Me

The URL is “nssdoseofkoi” because it used to be called “Not So Daily Dose Of Koi”, but I decided to shorten it down. I may make it the full title again, but until then it’s just going to have to be weird.

I have no idea if you can actually search for my profile from this blog in particular, because I myself have yet to find a way. So, in the meantime, here is a make-shift profile.

I am 17-years-old, female, I was born and (am still in the process of being) raised in the United States, and no my name is not actually Koi. The information on my real name is currently disclosed and highly confidential (though honestly if you look at my Twitter, Tumblr and Formspring accounts it becomes a little obvious.)

(To learn more about the story behind the name “Koi”, go here.)

I also go by “ToxicOxygen”, “Konekoi” and “C.C.D” on the various internet locations I inhabit.

I am an avid artist, practicing in the mediums of pencil sketching and Photoshop. The style I strive for is realism (such as Bouguereau), but of course there’s still some of my own style in there, and will remain there till I accomplish photo-realism. I am currently looking into portraiture to practice realism on faces, being the funnest part of the body to draw.

I’m rather fond of my own artwork, but there are times when I think it’s dirt and then it’s very difficult to console me. Say, whenever I’m in a slump suffering from art-block, or someone decides to show me the work of a 12-year-old prodigy god-child who could shade when they were five.

Anyway, so, that’s really all you need to know for the About Me section.


Here are my contacts:

E-mail: (E-mail responsibly, kitties)
DeviantART: ToxicOxygen
Main Youtube Account: KoiToxicOxygen
Twitter: CaitiKoiD
Tumblr: CaitiKoi
Formspring: CaitiKoi
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